Maid Cosplay~ (not as any specific character)

Hey hey~
My last post was on the contacts i bought at Uniqso~ so this time I’ll post something about clothes/outfit instead ^^

I recently went to a con in melbourne, Supanova. And before that I had to decide on what to wear there…. It was pretty hard to decide since my budget was low…. So I ended up buying a cheap maid costume on eBay at around 20-30 dollars and a wig at around 20-25 dollars ^^

Here’s the maid outfit~


And here’s the wig i bought~ (ehehe the wig cap is kinda hanging above it… My bad~)


Wooo a blonde maid~ ahahaha and to top it off… I wore the pink contacts from Uniqso, Black cat ears (ehehehe) and a polar bear bag i bought in SeaWorld~


Combine them all together~~~~~~ ☆彡



For next year i might go as Yoshino from Date A Live ^^


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