Uniqso Geo BC102 Brown Circle Lens Review~

Hey guys~
I’ve come back to give you guys a review on these brown contacts i bought from Uniqso !

Once again they’ve been of great service to me although i do feel bad for emailing them practically everyday (>人<;). One thing I can say is, they will DEFINITELY reply back either in a few hours or just the next day! I love it when I get a fast reply especially when its for something I’m spending money on xD

For a heads up of the specifications for these lenses~
The base curve is … 8.6mm
Colour tones ….. 1 tone (brown)
Diameter ….. 14.2mm
Replacement period … 12 months
Water content …. 38%

Although the diameter is 14.2mm which is close to my iris size… It STILL does a GREAT enlarging effect on my eyes! WHICHH i absolutely love!!!

I shall move on to the pictures~


Here are some pictures of the lens inside the little bottles we receive~
Opening them is a pain because of the metal lids, but with the help of my abnormally strong long nails, I tend to open them pretty easily with a few tricks. One of the tricks is to actually know which way to open it. (At first i didn’t so the first bottle didn’t turn out so well) (T ^ T)
It will be better if you open your vials via uniqso’s recommendation method of opening circle lenses bottles to save your nails and time.


Here’s a picture of my eyes in white lighting~ They don’t show much detail or colour and that’s what I was aiming for! I was originally aiming for natural but big eyes, SO HERE THEY ARE!!! o(^▽^)o


Here’s one in yellow/orange light~
Not much of a difference which is a good thing! I hate t when I walk into different lighting and my contacts give off different colours each time…. Not natural at all you see. (>人<;)

Sorry i don’t have a natural lighting version but I will for my next review on some blue contacts!! So keep watching my page~

Overall these contacts are great!! It does give off an alien effect xD but i still love them for the enlarging effect and how COMFORTABLE they are!! They last me 8 hrs without feeling dry or any discomfort!!!!




OVERALL I RATE THESE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 5/5

See you next time princesses~


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