Hey guys~~~~
So after 2 months of absence I’ve come back with a youtube channel!!! ( I’m really sorry for not posting anything up even though i have a bunch of stuff to show you guys >~< )
I haven’t made anything worth watching yet, as I’ve only made one video so far but I’ll just mention it to you guys before i post a review video up soon :3

Come check my channel out~

Hmm….. nothing much to talk about….

OHH! So for my first video, i did an imitation for the game League of Legends. I’m sure most of you guys know what game that is xD

I imitated Ahri~ It’s pretty short but please enjoy it ^^

( Omg … just realised… it will the first time you’ll hear my voice *O* -shocking- )

Thank you~
Subscribe to my channel for further update on reviews ❤


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